Equipments for golfer

Golf is a common outdoor sport for who want to be outdoor and take relax with nature surounding the golf course. This sport do not require of much energy spending, players just have to be achieve certain levels of some skills and techniques like stroking, swing, approach, observing, analyzing or calculating. Furthermore, for playing golf, players need to have equipments. The equipments for playing golf include various gears which are designed specific for golf playing.

From the beginning, the set of equipments were always golf ball and golf clubs. Some high tech gears have been invented to support the golf players such as golf gps. And with the development of internet that helps player can find a best golf gps through getting useful information from like golf gps reviews on many sites. To know more detail about the equipments needed for the golf, this list below will give plenty of information a golf player may concern.


Basic golf equipments

– Golf clubs: the main gear for golfing is golf clubs, which is used to stroke the balls to the holes. A player usually owns a set of clubs maximum is 14 and use them for a game. There are different kinds of clubs designed for different purpose. However, they are classes to three main types which are woods, irons and putters. Wood clubs are suitable for long shots from the fairway or tee, whereas the iron clubs are designed for more precise shots from fairways. The last one, putter clubs are used for approach or shots from the sand holes. Beside these main clubs, wedges, irons clubs, are a hybrid characteristics of iron and wood clubs. Wedges are mostly used for shorter shots or shots from rough positions like bunkers.

– Golf balls: of course after golf clubs, golf balls are second important gears for game processes. The basic size and weight for a golf ball is minimum 42.67mm and 45.93g. Golf ball usually has white color which is easy to recognize on the green of golf course. Golf balls are often available on the golf course, however player can brings balls by themselves at least 12 balls for each game. It’s also a great solution to buy used balls if player just is going to have first practice on this sport that can save money.

golf ball

Ball markers: sometimes player have to pick up the balls for the next player, so a ball marker can help to point the current playing position of the balls. It is made of various materials on the round shape, but metal and plastic are the most prefer.

– Tees: players must use tees to hold the balls for the first shot. It just helps the players shot the balls more easily. Tees come with wood or plastic design, rarely made of metal. Plastic tees are preferred because of its high quality, while the wooden tees are easy to break.

Other aids:

Golf bags: players have to carry golf clubs, also plenty of other equipments during the game, so it’s need to have a golf bag. Moreover, golf bag has another function is storing and preventing golf clubs from damages. Golf bags have number of pockets for putting other equipments or stuff on. There are many choices of golf bags in the market. Every types has different functions which server the players’ demand, but a golf bags should be firm enough for carry heavy weight of equipments through a long dítance and high quality for last longer.

– Club head covers: to protect the club heads from hitting or damaging, it should be cover by a club head covers. Club head covers are made of materials like nylon, leather and fabric with different kinds of shapes.

– Towel: during the game, player need a towel to clean the hands, ball or club heads. Towels are made of materials which are easily to dried in case there is rain or wet circumstance.

– Gloves: gloves are work on preventing the clubs slip out when the players’ hands are wet, make the club holding is closer. Then players can shot better and farther.

– Golf gps: with development of technology, golf players are support with a high tech invention which is golf gps. It is also called rangefinders let player to determine the precise distance from current playing position to the hole. It is built as software for installing on some common device which player may own or carry during the game such as smartphone, smartwatch…Golf gps provide other information related to golf game. This application is more popular because of its easy using and suitable price. There are many golf gps from different company available for player to choose, so player should take a look before going to buy a best golf gps.

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