Equipments for golf

Like the other kind of sports golf needs equipments for playing. And it is assume as an expensive sport because the equiqments aid for playing golf usually expensive and always on a set. That seems lead to make the players want to off for this sports. However, if you have excellent knowing about the equipments you may give suitable decide for affordable stuffs, you also can start you golf and enjoy it. A full set of gears usually includes clubs, ball, tee, club bag, golf clothes … You can know more about the equipments also thier utility from this list below.

  • gears_html_31357702Clubs: golf club is used to shot the ball. It is designed with a club head stick on a lance that is has a shaft for holding the club. If you are just starter for this sport, you can borrow the clubs for practicing from the basic. When you know that you want to play it as your hobby you must get a set of clubs. A player is usually have maximum of 14 clubs in the bag. There are three main type of clubs has classed woods, irons and putters. Woods has large head and long shaft used to shot a long distance from tees. Iron with shorter shaft is suitable to make a precise shot from fairways or getting the ball out of sands. With the final shots you may use the putters. Moreover, there is a new type of club called hybrids which combines the woods and irons used for rough positions and give shorter distance but a flexible launch angle.

  • Golf balls: in the past, it was made of hardwood. That has changed by time, and now it is made of synthetic material and has from one to four layer. It is designed with white color, pattern of 300-450 dimples and has the size at least 42.67mm and 45.93g. Each player should have at least 12 balls when you go for first shotting. Because it is kind of expensive, you may buy second-hand or inexpensive balls for saving investment.


  • Ball markers: when playing game, the golf balls are usually lifted to be cleaned or to clear the way of other players. So that’s need to use ball marker to mark the positions of the balls. It is typically made of metal or plastic with a round flat shape.

  • Tees: in the first shot, the players may need things to put the ball on for making the hitting and the tees can server this purpose. That allows players make a stroke better and without damaging the lawn. The tees are usually made of wood or plastic with a nail shape. The wooden tee is kind of cheap but easy broken while the plastic one are expensive but higher quality.

  • Golf bag: It’s necessary to have a golf bag to keep your golf clubs and carry other gears. A golf bag is designed with plenty of pockets that allows you put gears like tees, balls, gloves, rain suit, drink, food. Also it’s better to store your clubs on a bag. It should be strong enough to carry these things and have hand belt and shoulder belt for holding and transporting.

  • Club head covers: it helps to protect the head of clubs to hit each others and damaging of weather. Club head covers are usually made of leather, nylon or fabric with sock shape or varieties of other shapes like flower, animal, cartoon…

  • Gloves: the players are often wear gloves for holding the club tighter. It helps players raise the grip and flexible to control the clubs so the stroke can be made better and for long distance.

  • Golfing clothes: Shoes for golfer has special design with spike helps them keep balance when swinging on grass and avoid slipping on the wet conditions. Spikes are often made of metal or plastic and has design that allows players adjust thier positions for specific cases.

When golfing, men usually trousers, short and T- shirt while women may wear short, skirt and also T-shirt like men. Clothes are usually made from cotton to make players feel comfortable when they are sweat

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