Formats of golf

If you want to be outdoor and play a sport but do not want to spend much energy and have a calm atmosphere, golf is a right choice to serve these purposes. Golf is one kind of ball games but it is not performed in a standardized gaming zone. Players play it in a golf course which is a big area designed for variety terrains with particular layout and set up in which includes mountains, lakes, trees, sea, sands, hills, big lawn …, so players must walk and use clubs to shot balls into set up holes. The winner is who take the lowest number of hitting.

type_html_3fe6255a With the fast development and playing demand, golf is classified into many kinds of formats. So people around the world can easily to take one kind of game to play in tournaments, clubs or just a group of golf friends. The sort includes two typical formats match play and stroke play and some other formats in addition. This article will give you brief description for these formats of golf. 

  • Stroke play: the most popular form of competition is stroke play which is used for most professional tournaments. In this form, 18 holes round has to be completed by each player and the total number of strokes are added up during the game. Each taken stroke till the ball put in the cup is counted. The total stroke is the added taken strokes for each hole at the end of game. Gross score is total strokes with extra penalty strokes. Net score is calculated by gross score minus handicap strokes. The player get the lowest total net score wins this game.

  • Match play: it is the second most common form of competition. This form works with two players (two teams) in which each party play every hole for separate contest against the other. The winner for each hole must give the lowest score and the scores are equal this hole is “halved”. The winner for whole game has to wins most of the holes. If the games is tied, the players continue play untill one player or team takes lead one-hole.


  • Foursome: this is well known form of match play. It is played by two players of two teams. Each team has a ball and players in each play alternately. The game is finished until they hit all of the holes. The rules of match play or stroke play can be use for this game.

  • Four ball: it is a little bit like foursome, just different in each player has a ball and play it throughout the game. The lower score of players in each team counts for each hole. The rules of match play or stroke play can be use for this game.

  • Skins: this is another kind of match play. In this game, there are certain amount of points for each hole. The player give lowest point wins that hole. In case, players tie with lowest score, the points are transferred to the next hole. The players continue to play till there is hole won outright. But if players tie the 18th hole, all players must replay this hole till there is a player wins it outright.

  • Stableford: this is a type of strokeplay and can be performed by individuals or team in which the score is given by net score on each hole. The game is won by the one who scores the highest points.

  • Scramble/ Ambrose: this game is popular for informal competition and is format for team player of which the size and level of players is variety. It is played by choosing the best shot on each hole, then the remains shot second stroke from the position of best chosen shot and this is played again till the hole is completed. In ambrose format, the handicaps are counted as in strokeplay.

  • 9-points: this is another form of match play and usually performed by threesomes. Each hole has total nine scrores. The player wins this game has the highest score for 18 holes in which player must gains 162 points. In case there is a tie, the points in the game are added and divided for the tying players.

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