Guide for starter on golf

Golf seems a game that requires more techniques, skills and experiences than muscular strength. So it’s difficult for starters who want to get excellent on this sport with out paying time to learn about its conduction. It’s still helpful to know some basics swing technique, rules, skills…, even you have idea that just enjoys it for hobby. The more detail you know about golf, more enjoyable you can get.



Golf will be not fun when you make more than 80% of bad shots. But it’s possible to make it better when you know the skills to hit the ball. There are many way you can absorb the information from the internet, reading, watching golf match, or by sharing, discussing with golf friends. But the most important is you have to practice it day by day, and figure out yourself what skills you can take advantages. Below is a detail description for different facet of golf that you need to know before going for a stroke.

Basic Golf Techniques

  • Grip: for who have never played golf tend to hold the club unnatural that may lead to a worse shot. So it’s needed to get accustomed the golf grip. Using the right hand to place handle into the left hand, the palm of left hand is turned toward you. Curling all left hands’ fingers, except thumb around the handle, then keeping the hold and roll left hand over the right side. Putting the right hand cover the left hand just a half down and curling its fingers the same as left hands’ fingers.


  • Approach: approach is the way you stand in front the ball. It’s important you feel comfortable to make an approach. You have to practice some basics like bend your knees slightly, lean your upper body over the golf ball, put arms out in front of you with proper extent and open your feet as wide as shoulder.

  • Swing: it’s important you should know how to swing follow three steps: taking away, impacting and following through. For the starter, the feet must be keep stable during the step taking away and impacting. The head and upper body are remained relatively. And your eyes keep looking at the direction that ball will be go through. Keeping the arms straight when pulling the club back. Rolling your hips and turning the upper body on back foot. Then hips are rotated forward when you making impact.

Necessary Golf Equipments

  • Golf clubs: of course the golf clubs are needed thing if you want to hit ball. Because a set of golf clubs kind of not cheap, you can borrow it from friends or rent it in the golf course during your started time. Then you can recognize which clubs is suitable for you. You are often recommended that can buy second hand golf clubs that are usually given with a reasonable price because when you increase your levels, you may want to upgrade. So buying the new clubs seems not deserver for started point.

  • Golf bags: once you get clubs, you need to buy a golf bag. It helps to store your clubs and carry them when you are moving around the golf course. Moreover, it is designed with a lot pockets that you can keep in other things like ball, gloves, water, food, hat etc.

  • Golf shoes: There are variety kinds of shoes for choosing. But a golf shoes is just an optional, you do not really need them when golfing, it just helps in some case like wet condition. You can wear just sneakers instead. And when you want to buy, the one has plastic spikes is better, because some golf course do not allow the one with metal spikes.

  • Golf gloves: it is not really an essential one but it is useful to protect your hands in case your hand is easy to sweat and wet too much on the palm.

  • Clothes: actually there are not any requirements for golf clothes. But people usually to wear pants, shorts, skirts and T shirts even in both sexes male and female. In additional, you can wear hat and sunglasses to prevent the bright light of sun.

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