Martial Arts, more than sports

In Olympic, you sometimes see people compete in martial art games like Taekwondo, Judo etc. and because of this many people think that martial arts are sports. In fact, martial arts and sports do share some common points but martial arts are something more than that. Real martial art experts often claim sports as some kind of unreal games which have no practical usefulness and in no way can stay in the same level with martial arts.

If we set aside the argument that which are more practical, martial arts and sports, they do have some differences that are quite interesting and will sure surprise you. If you love and care for sports then you may find this article worth to go further.

Martial art

Fake techniques

An interesting thing is that in training session where people learn martial arts to compete as sports, they are taught fake techniques about how to fell, to pull and make fake contact. To be simpler, like cascadeurs, the sport players do not do real actions when they practise but they do some techniques to make the whole training session easier and more eye-catching. This is partially because of the high level of danger while playing these arts. The sport players usually do all the motions and actions in slow and careful ways which lead to the lack of real reaction and fighting skills in real life situations.


Martial artWell-prepared situations

While being trained for sports, players are trained by situations and they get familiar with these. They focus on develop their skills and effectiveness in dealing with these familiar cases. The players do not work with real life cases and this keeps them from fully develop their reactions and defensive skills. Sometimes people see these training as the habits of mind and people learn them by heart. If we see these sports in this way then it does not have any real application for us in our life besides helping us gain a good health and fit body.

Why faking things

I bet that at first people did not do those faking things in martial art competitions but gradually they use more and more until the point that they become the standards in training and competing. The very first reason is because of the high rate of getting unexpected accidents and injuries in martial arts. The trainers and they players have to find their own ways to protect themselves and still express the beauties of the arts. The second reason is about the issue of winning or losing. When you compete in a game, it means there will be a winner and a loser and because of this, the trainers do their best in prepared for their players all the situations that may happen in the game so that the players can take the best out of them.

Martial art

Should we stop practise martial arts as sports

There is no reason for doing such a thing because the real martial arts are dangerous and difficult to practise. On the other hand, sports like combat are doing a good work in training players in a daily basis and help them avoid many kinds of injuries or unexpected accidents. They can still sharpen their skills in making motions, movements and also develop their muscles.

In general, if we say that martial arts are the same as sports, they are not but the two do share some common functions that sometimes people mesmerize them together. Even though sports are a more entertaining side of martial arts, they are easier and suitable for practising gradually when you find it impossible to do so with real martial arts.

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