Playing golf with whom would be the best?

Thanks to the development of technologies and especially the Internet, people now can learn almost anything about the world around them. Have you heard about the Panama papers? If you have not then you should because it is now not a secret any more. People can easily find information about how some of the most powerful politicians and celebrities use law firms to help them invest and avoid tax. The information is so popular and easy to get like other information on sale clothes, english test tips, golf playing tips or even golf gps reviews etc.

And of course, you can find this article with the very interesting advices on whom you should play with during your golf sessions. It seems to be a boring question because you have already have someone to play with and you do not need to read these advices. However, in fact, you can learn a lot from this article and you will see the improvements in your performance just by following some of these boring advices.

People in lower level

You may laugh at me or even ignore me when you read about this advice. But I guarantee with you that there will be times when you need to play with people from lower level than where you are now. Because you can learn from them. If you are doing well but not well enough to get the targets you want then it may be because you are doing something wrong with your basic techniques. If you happen to see someone who are practising their basic swings and skills then you may want to join them so you can do a review on your performance and sometimes it helps you realize where you should practise harder to get better performance.


People at your level

The best case is to play with someone of your level who are at the same line with you so you can practise the same things they are doing and then discuss what you are learning and trying to do better. Because you two share the same lessons, the same targets so you may learn from each other. You can also correct for each other when practising a new technique. They are who you feel the most comfortable to play with. They do not judge you because you can not make a simple swing because hey may have the same difficulties. You also do not keep you behind because they can go with the same speed as you.

People out of your league

Playing with someone who is better than you sometimes may be quite stressful and you soon will feel the pressure. However, you will get many benefits from these experts because they are possessing the best techniques and skills that you can only watch on TV. They can see the mistakes in your performance with just one look and you can correct it in the best way you can think of. They act in the role of coaches but you may feel a bit more comfortable than playing under the instructions of a mentor. If you are still confused about this then do not think too much but give it a try and you will see the results soon.


You may question me if I am making a joke because I have listed all kind of people in my article. It is true that you should play with everyone you meet on the golf course. The key point is to play with whom at what period of your training. It is very important for you to do some reflection on your performance sometimes to know where you are and what kind of techniques should be a good match for you.

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