The trends shaping sport future

BBC used to make a documentary serie about the wild world in the future to show the audiences what kind of animals we are expected to see in the future of hundred years ahead. They also explain what have made the changes and the base of their prediction. If we also make some predictions on the future of sports, there are many things that come to our mind.

How sport world will look like in the future of hundreds years in the future is the question that many people are working on the get the answer. They base on some of the most recent trends on the sport world that we can see today and make their own predictions for the future. You may see that in the future people use virtual effects in training or people use their phone as the ticket to get into a sport stadium. All these are something expected to happened in the near future.


Learning by videos and images

This is something that has been already happened and mentioned in one of my previous topic. Nowadays, sport athletes practise with their coach and a part of their training is to watch training videos and images shot during their training and though these they learn from their own experience. All the movements and actions that the athletes do will be recorded and then they learn from the mistakes they see in the videos and also give corrections and enhancement for the movements they think need to be improved. The coach also asks their athletes to watch videos and visual documents of other competitors and athletes if available to have more comparison. When technology and especially internet develop, this is the certain trend that we can predict.

No paper ticket

The first change in the ticket is how you can book it online and then have the ticket to be sent to you online in form of a code or an image which you can simply show the staff when you arrive at the sport venue to exchange for the paper ticket. You don’t have to go to the ticket box and wait for a long time in a very long queue when now you can make some simple mouse clicks and then the ticket is on your hand. In near future, people predict that the development of technology, especially in smart phones will support the ticket selling industry to go up to a new level where there is no paper ticket anymore. People will purchase their tickets online and then have the tickets to be stored on their phones and all they have to do is to show the ticket on the phone when they get to the stadium.


Key focus to stay away from male

If you notice the long history of sport from thousand years ago then you see that sports seem to be the battlefield of men only. Most of the legendary sportsmen are male and female has just stepped some small steps recently in this exclusive field. However, this will be changed in the near future when the shift is turned to women and children. Sports now are for everyone and they play sports not only as a career but as a way to keep fit and healthy. Because of this, the publicity of sports are necessary and women along with children will get more involvement in this field than they have even done in the past. Many people are working listless to make this come true and to erase the discrimination between men and women in many aspects of our daily life. Sports are for certain, not an exception.

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